Family Consultations & Coaching

Creating and sustaining a healthy family is an ongoing process, and some challenges can disrupt the balance and make it difficult to find a solution. Even happy changes like bringing home a new baby can make big waves in a family. Sometimes an outsider’s perspective is needed to get a clearer picture of “next steps” to take to get things back on track.

I provide family consultations and coaching services to address your specific goals while providing you with the tools you need to move forward. These services are designed to be brief, in-depth, and tailored to address one or two specific issues that are getting in your family’s way. Family consultations involve on average four to eight sessions depending on your questions, including a “booster” session to ensure ongoing maintenance of change.

Some examples of consultation topics may be:

  • Bringing home baby– how to predict challenges that may come up, navigate sibling rivalry, and set your family up for success in this challenging and rewarding time
  • Bringing your family closer, developing family rituals, and establishing family meetings
  • Navigating the transition to adolescence– what to expect, how to stay close, developing healthy boundaries
  • Preparing your family for an upcoming transition– a move, going to college, a new job
  • Developing co-parenting strategies for a healthy divorce or separation


Family coaching sessions are $200 per hour for in-home or community-based consultation and $175 per hour for consultation at my office.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to set up a no-fee consultation to discuss family coaching services.