One of the big myths about self-care that we tell is the idea that self-care is accomplished through an event that allows us to manage our stress. In reality, the most effective types of self-care are ongoing, frequent, and consistent actions that we do on a daily basis to care for ourselves. These actions can be small (and free!) but in order to put them in place, we first need to figure out what we need and what tools will get us there.

If you’re looking for a concrete self-care plan, this Self-Care Worksheet might be a good starting point. I developed this document to support students in a Stress Management course I taught, and I use it myself weekly!

There are several steps: part one helps you identify the purpose of your self-care for the day (for instance, do you need to soothe or are you ready to drop in and integrate new learning?) Part two helps you identify the emotions and feelings you’re experiencing now. Part three helps you identify and seek out sensations (smell, taste, sight) and experiences that will help you reach your self-care goal!

I hope you find it useful for you. Feel free to use it as a starting point, and let your creativity lead the way!

Daily Self-Care Plan

I hope you enjoy!

-Dr. Maggie